What Are CBD Tinctures?

CBD is becoming a permanent fixture in the medical field. With a variety of CBD products available, more persons are now exposed to the benefits of CBD. One can be confused as to which CBD Product one needs to choose because of the different types of products available.

Of the numerous CBD products on the market, CBD Tinctures are one of the newest but popular products derived from CBD. We’ll place emphasis on CBD Tinctures, and provide an extensive guide about them.

Cannabidiol tinctures are dietary supplements with high cannabidiol content. The supplement usually comes in liquid form. Tinctures are produced by steeping hemp flowers rich in CBD in high-proof grain alcohol and then cook on low heat for several hours. In the absence of alcohol, glycerin and vinegar can be used, although alcohol is known to produce the best tincture.

At the end of the cooking time, the liquid mixture is sweetened with a carrier oil such as peppermint or orange. The end product is a potent CBD tincture with 0.3% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), and a high concentration of CBD. There is a sharp difference in CBD tincture and cannabis tincture so pay attention to the label when you are shopping for a product.

CBD Tinctures are highly concentrated, and it is recommended that users take them in small doses. A typical CBD Tinctures comes with a mL dropper, but it is common to find people utilizing an eye dropper to administer the product. It is advisable to follow the specified dosage in order to derive the maximum therapeutic benefits and although taken an overdose won’t cause any harm or side effects.

On its own, CBD Tincture is bitter, and if you can’t stand the bitter taste of any product, you can add it to your food or beverages to conceal the bitter taste. You can also administer the product sublingually, i.e., placing the liquid droplets underneath your tongue. Studies suggest that the body absorbs the compounds more if they are administered sublingually, more than any other form of oral administration.

When administering CBD tincture sublingually, place the tincture underneath your tongue for a minimum of sixty seconds to ensure it absorbs before you swallow the rest. There is a membrane underneath your tongue that allows for the effective absorption of the compound through your artery. The compounds move from the sublingual artery into the carotid artery before proceeding to your brain. It takes at most 15 minutes before the effects of the tincture kicks in.

CBD Tinctures can be used as a useful supplement, and because it contains a high concentration of CBD Oil, one can expect the same number of effects. It has therapeutic characteristics, and it can help supplement a healthy lifestyle. CBD has shown positive results when used as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic product.

The size and nature of tinctures mean they have practical advantages for users. You can easily carry them around all day, and there isn’t any prep work needed before they can be administered. Because of the high concentration of the CBD Oil present, you only require a small dose of the tincture.