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Hemp Gummies Full Spectrum 300 mg (10mg x 30) - Mixed Fruit


Consists of a mix of 3 flavors: Berry Blast, Lemon twist, and Passion Fruit. All products contain 300mg of CBD (10mg per gummy)

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Infused Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Gummies

Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil has ALL the available cannabinoids from the extracted hemp oil Distillate used to make our Full Spectrum CBD Infused Hemp Gummies. Β This may include CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN and more such as less than 0.3% THC.

Why should you buy ANO CBD'S Full Spectrum CBD Infused Hemp Gummies?

  • professionally formulated to be consistent and accurate CBD levels.
  • infused instead of sprayed on with CBD Isolate that wipes off in the packaging.
  • Watch this Video! Click Here

Visit our Buyer Resources to see all lab tests/COAs along with articles and pictures of the process.Β  Β Watch the ANO Here's our story video and visit ANO's YouTube channel to see our upcoming hemp harvest and more.

What's in ANO full spectrum cbd Hemp Gummies?

ANO CBD's gummies are made using Colorado grown hemp concentrates.Β  We manufacture all of our products in the USA using USA grown hemp.

ANO Gummies are made using Full Spectrum CBD Distillate.Β  Β Each gummy contains 5-8 different cannabinoids, guaranteed!Β  This may include CBD, CBD-v, CBC, CBD-A, CBN, CBG, THC-V, Delta 9-THC, THC-A and Delta 8-THC.Β  Cannabinoids syntactically work together increasing their interaction with our endocannabinoid system.Β  This is the "entourage effect".

How to compare ANO CBD's Hemp Gummies to other CBD companies?

Very simply put, they don't.Β  I recently checked the first 20 companies I found on google when searching for CBD Gummies for sale and did not find any selling anything but CBD Isolate gummies.

To make matters worse, some of those CBD gummies had CBD sprayed on instead of infusing them inside each gummy.Β  The problem with sprayed gummies is their consistency.Β  Let's say each gummy claims 10mg CBD.Β  So, you test several in a bag at random.Β  Well you will probably find several with less than 5mg CBD because the CBD has transferred to other gummies or the outside packaging and others with more.Β  Β It's like baking chocalate chip cookies but instead of mixing the chocolate chips into the batter, you wait till they are completely done and squish them into the hardened cookie then throw them in a jar.Β  Only to find out days later that the majority of the chocolate chips have fallen to the bottom.

All ANO products will always have a maximum of a 10% variation +- in CBD concentrations.Β  This means that in a 10mg gummy, you should have 10mg x 10% = 1mg+- so the lab tested gummy should always be between 9mg - 10.99mg CBD.Β  Β To ensure quality, we put at least 10% extra CBD in every batch so you'll always get the advertised CBD amount.

Lastly, ANO CBD's gummies are 3rd party lab tested on every batch by Desert Valley Testing every time..

What's the difference between a CBD Gummy and a Hemp Gummy?

At ANO CBD, nothing.Β  We named our Full Spectrum CBD infused gummies, "Hemp Gummies" so you don't confuse them confused with gummies that are only made with CBD.Β  Please always look at lab tests before buying products.Β  Most Hemp Gummies are only CBD Isolate based.Β  Our Hemp Gummies are cannabinoid rich containing five to eight different Cannabinoids in every gummy.

How to buy full spectrum CBD Gummies

Before you buy any Full Spectrum CBD Product, always compare COAs & lab results.Β  Unfortunately CBD companies are passing off CBD Isolate gummies for Full Spectrum ones.Β  You will know this if you see only 1 cannabinoid "CBD" on their COA.

If you do find someone else with multiple cannabinoid Hemp Gummies, make sure to look at the type and number of the cannabinoids.Β  A product with only CBD & THC or one with CBD and CBD-a and nothing else, might as well have just CBD in it.Β  Buy Full Spectrum CBD products with at least five different cannabinoids for Full Spectrum and at least three cannabinoids for Broad Spectrum Zero THC gummies.Β  Why pay a premium if there's no "good stuff"?

Visit our blog to see educational videos where you'll learn more tips deciphering COAs.Β  Knowledge is power and we invite you to learn as much as possible in our Buyer Resources Blog.Β  Get valuable tips on buying CBD Gummies and other CBD Hemp Products.Β  Don't miss our Side-by-Side Product Review videos coming soon where we compare our lab reports to theirs.Β  The results are shocking!