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ANO CLEAR - Pure CBD Isolate TINCTURE Subscription

why Buy ANO's CLEAR Pure CBD Isolate Tincture?
  • ANO CBD's CLEAR Pure CBD Isolate Tincture is made with over 99% Pure CBD Isolate
  • All CBD Isolate sourced from American hemp farms and Made in USA
  • CLEAR CBD Isolate Tinctures are always THC Free.
  • 3rd-party Lab Tested TWICE.  COAs are located at the Lab Test COAs page.
  • ANO CBD oversees the entire process Seed to Sale.  No outsourcing.  We grow our own hemp.

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ANO CLEAR - 100% Pure CBD Isolate Tincture

Pure CBD Isolate Tincture is professionally formulated, 3rd party lab tested and made with only extremely high quality pure CBD Isolate.  Pure CBD Isolate Tinctures consist of CBD and no other cannabinoids.  Similarly to ANO SILVER broad spectrum products, ANO CLEAR CBD Isolate tinctures are also THC Free.  Most noteworthy, and what differentiates ANO CBD from the other CBD companies, is we source all of our CBD directly from our American hemp farms.  ANO CLEAR Pure CBD Isolate Tinctures are made with CBD Isolate extracted from Colorado-grown, non-GMO, organically-grown hemp.  ANO CBD's CLEAR Tinctures are THC Free and come in 6 flavors, each in 4 strengths/sizes.

What's in Pure CBD Isolate?

First of all CBD Isolate is simply pure CBD oil, no other cannabinoids.   Therefor this also means CBD Isolate has zero THC, also known as THC Free.  To "isolate" means to obtain or extract in a pure form.  So CBD Isolate is just that, CBD and nothing else.  CBD Isolate is a white crystalline powder with very little taste up front, followed by an earthy, organic, green plant aftertaste a few seconds later.  CBD Isolate, in its pure form, should always read over 99% pure CBD on the COA (lab tests).

Why is it important to know where your CBD came from?

Because overseas growers usually do not have safe agricultural standards and safe growing practices.  For example, this may include using pesticides and dangerous chemicals or contaminated water supplies with heavy metals or other toxins.  For those countries that do, very often they are lacking the resources to fund regulatory agencies to monitor and enforce these guideline.  ANO CBD's concentrates come from Colorado-grown hemp and are grown pesticide free and with organic growing practices.

All ANO CBD's products are 3rd-party full-panel lab tested for CBD potency, pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents.   This test confirms no heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents or other cannabinoids such as THC (0.0%).   Furthermore, we perform a 2nd potency test on the finished product solution to verify the CBD concentration.  This is called a "label verification".  ANO CBD's products guarantee to be less then ten percent of the label.  To offset this slight variation, we add an additional 10% CBD into every bottle.

How to buy Pure CBD oil (isolate)

Before you buy CBD Oil made from CBD Isolate, you need to do three things.  First of all, look at the COA (lab results) and verify it's over 99% pure CBD with no pesticides, heavy metals or residual solvents.  Next you need to see the 2nd COA for that specific concentration used to fill the finished tincture bottle.  Verify the amount of CBD (mg) on the label is the same as the actual amount of CBD in the bottle.

Lastly, verify where the CBD Isolate is from to make sure it's been extracted from American grown hemp.  This is where it gets tricky because the majority of products on the market do not keep a chain of custody from their product all the way back to the hemp harvest it came from.  Most CBD companies are buying CBD Isolate powder from some broker who's getting the CBD from overseas places like India, Indonesia, China, etc.  These companies have no clue where it originally came from and aren't retesting the isolate themselves and who knows if the COA that came with it is really for that batch.   Furthermore they also are labeling their CBD Oil in a misleading way such as adding "Full Spectrum" or just calling is CBD Oil.

Please see our articles and videos including a tutorial on how to decipher the lab tests COAs.  It's important you understand what's in each bottle.  We'll empower you with knowledge to help you buy CBD Oil like a professional.  Finally, don't forget to click on our COA reviews using side-by-side comparisons.  You'll see ANO CBD face off against huge CBD companies.  We compare ANO CBD's product's COA with other companies.  The results are shocking!

CBD Labels should always have the following

  • Cannabinoid Profile: Full Spectrum CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD (Zero THC), CBD Isolate
  • Amount of CBD in the bottle
  • QR Code attached to the specific solution for that product including a label verification for that amount (basically if it has 1000mg in the bottle the CBD should read 1024mg, not just 3.80% CBD)
  • Batch#s tell you the type of product, concentration and date formulated.
  • Lot#s tell you the CBD Isolate in the product and extraction date.
  • Expiration Date.

Why buy ANO cbd's clear Pure CBD isolate Tincture?

ANO CBD controls the entire process from Seed to Sale.

Unfortunately, we are one of the few CBD companies to do this.   Therefor we'd like you to see it for yourself.  Click on the Buyer Resources tab to see tons of articles, videos, pictures and all of our COAs/lab documenting the entire process.  We'll show you everything from clones to farming and then all the way through formulation, lab testing and finally, manufacturing.   Watch our ANO CBD video, "ANO CBD Here's our story" which gives you a company overview.  Finally don't miss out on all the videos on the ANO CBD YouTube channel.   See our upcoming 2019 hemp harvest and much, much, much more.


ANO Clear Pure CBD Isolate Hemp Tincture 1000mg 30ml Label