CBD: Past, Present, and Future


A Brief CBD Timeline

CBD is quickly becoming a household name for natural wellness, many may think of CBD as a new trend but the chemical compound, as we know it today, has been around for more than a half century.

We’ll take a quick look at the history of CBD, its present day uses, as well as where we see CBD to be in the near future.

CBD products

Back to the 1940s

The first successful extraction of CBD from a cannabis plant was achieved by chemist, Roger Adams, a graduate from Harvard University. At the time, Adams had not fully realized the gravity of what he had accomplished in 1940. Only until years later did Adams and fellow scientists begin researching the possible health benefits of CBD. In 1946, Dr. Walter S. Loewe proved through animal lab testing that CBD does not cause any kind of mind altering state. However, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam is often identified as the discoverer of CBD due to his findings about CBD’s three dimensional structure. As research continued into the 1960s, British Pharmacopoeia released the first CBD oil for therapeutic uses. Another CBD milestone was made in the 1980s when Dr. Mechoulam conducted a study that showed CBD to be a key factor in treating epilepsy.

CBD products

CBD in Today’s Culture

Fast forward to 2019, we can find CBD available in a long list of products, from gummy treats to lotions, there is a perfect way for everyone to try. People can use the natural benefits of CBD to help with pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, stress, and other illnesses. Some find this as an amazing substitute to painkillers and other prescription mediactions, due to the quick effects and little to no side effects.

Today, we see CBD products, for the most part, fully available in all 50 states. The main factor in deciding if a certain product is legal in your state is whether the CBD is derived from a marijuana plant or a hemp plant. All of ANO CBDs available tinctures and vape oils are hemp derived and fully legal in all 50 states!

A Bright Future Ahead

Due to the passing of the farm bill at the end of 2018, the sky is the limit for hemp and hemp-derived CBD products. 2019 will be an exciting year for CBD and hemp in general as more people are recognizing the potential benefits of cannabidiol. Every day, dedicated scientists are conducting more research and experimentation to further the possibilities of what CBD can ultimately achieve. With all of that said, the future of CBD is looking really bright.