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Welcome to ANO

We sell high quality CBD products that are 3rd party lab tested, made in the USA from organically grown Colorado hemp. Here’s our story…

We’ve been in the industry since 2009 and in 2013, we discovered the potential health benefits of CBD and immediately focused all of our efforts into growing hemp because of its high CBD levels. In 2014, it all began, we started with just 2 acres and 2000 hemp plants. Very soon, we needed more land and so in 2015, we partnered with a local Colorado hay farmer. They needed a more lucrative crop to grow in order to keep their 100 acre family farm. Over the next few months, we turned their hay farm into a hemp farm. The project was a huge success! The word spread to several farmers facing the same problems. We can to be known as the Hemp Cowboys.

Colorado hemp

Farming and Extraction

So, one by one, we taught them how to grow organic hemp, supplied them with enough hemp clones to start growing, provided support during the farming process and agreed in advance to buy their entire harvest every year. Why is this important? ANO now has a constant supply of quality, organic hemp to make all of our products. It’s important to know how the hemp was grown, harvested, dried, and processed into CBD because not all CBD is made the same.

CBD can contain pesticides, solvents and chemicals, heavy metals and dangerous bacteria. All of our Colorado hemp is grown organically. So, no pesticides, no additives, no contaminates and to avoid dangerous bacteria growth, the moment the hemp is harvested and dried, it goes immediately to the lab for the CO2 extraction process. ANO products are then made in our FDA approved manufacturing plant, in partnership with Sweet Southern Vapes. So, the next time a customer asks you, “Which CBD is the best?”. There’s only one answer, ANO.

But, don’t take our word for it, all of our CBD is tested not once but TWICE with full panel tests performed by two different 3rd party labs. Unlike most CBD companies that only test once, just for THC levels. This guarantees no THC, no harmful contaminates and no discrepancies between labs.

We currently have CBD tinctures in 500 and 1000mg. CBD vapes oils in 6 different flavors, CBD gummy bears, spa quality CBD creams and yummy CBD pet treats. All of our products come in one of two cannabinoid profiles. Clear, which is CBD isolate, no other cannabinoids. And gold, also known as full spectrum or whole plant, which is CBD plus every other cannabinoid, except THC.

More About ANO

Why is ANO’s gold line better than the competition? CBD levels in full spectrum/ whole plant products range between 30% and 80% CBD, the higher the better. ANO’s gold products contain between 70-80% CBD. So, when it comes to full spectrum CBD, there’s no question that ANO is the best.

Ordering is easy! Go to, create a wholesale account, login to your wholesale account and order. Products will be shipped the same day if ordered by 3PM with 2-3 days shipping. Our wholesale prices are 50-70% off retail prices. You’ll even find starter wholesale packages available with an even bigger discount.

ANO. Better Quality. Better Consistency. Full Panel Lab 3rd Party Tested TWICE. Great Prices. Fast Delivery. Made in the USA From Organically Grown Colorado Hemp. So, the next time a customer asks you, “Which CBD is the best?”. Now, you have the answer, ANO.

Colorado hemp