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ANO, All Natural Oils, started in 2015, when Phil and Adam Fischer purchased 40 acres of land in Park County, CO to cultivate hemp! They decided they wanted to grow outdoors, and use natural light and running water, to have the most natural plants they could. After many months of planning and engineering, they decided to partner with a friend who owned 100 acre farm in Garfield county, CO. The farm was perfectly situated between two mountains ranges and had a river running directly through it. The soil was the perfect PH to grow the Fischer’s crop, and in 2016 they decided to put plants in the ground.

Since 2016, ANO has learned a great deal about hemp cultivation. We have partnered with top universities to further study the hemp plant and our genetics, from seed to sale. We also have partnered with multiple farms, in multiple states to grow as a company, and to expand our supply chain. Good plants lead to good product, so we will continue to grow our research to provide the best products for our customers. We look forward to serving your family!



ANO was started by Philip and Adam Fischer in beautiful state of Colorado. In 2016 ANO partnered with The Parachute Hemp Company, Elevated Hemp. This project consisted of converting the PHC farm that was currently growing hay and alfalfa, to grow hemp. With close to 100 acres to plant on, we decided to plant a much smaller section the first year as a test plot with plans to scale the entire farm in the next 5 years. We hand planted close to 2000 plants that year and took us about 7 days. Everyone worked super hard, but also had a bunch of fun!

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We linked up with Colorado Hemp Institute and helped them with their clone sales. By doing so, this allowed us to offer material buy back options to those farmers growing our genetics. This was a great deal for the farmers because we already had a distribution channel in place for them immediately after harvest. This was also a great deal for us because we knew that we would have more of the great material we use to make our fabulous products!


ANO partnered with UF/IFAS in the beautiful state of Florida to study how our genetics may work for Florida farmers. This research would eventually be used to help Florida farmers to obtain USDA approval to grow hemp!

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timeline 2017

ANO partners with Bird surfboards to discuss future opportunities for the stalk of our plants in a sustainable and eco friendly means. ANO uses the hemp flower for products and the hemp stalk to make surfboards!


In 2020 ANOHEMP.com was born! We are pleased to announce our newest and finest product line to date, and our new CEO Chris Coll! Keeping this a family business was extremely important to Adam and Phil. So we are stoked to have Philip’s nephew and Adam’s cousin Chris Coll on board! We strive to provide the highest quality CBD & CBG to all of our valued customers. All Natural Oils is truly what ANO stands for. Hemp can contain pesticides, solvents and chemicals, heavy metals and dangerous bacteria.

All of our Colorado hemp is grown organically. So, no pesticides, no additives, no contaminates and to avoid dangerous bacteria growth, the moment the hemp is harvested and dried, it goes immediately to the lab for the CO2 extraction process. Currently, all of our products are grown and manufactured in the great state of Colorado, are 3rd party tested, and made available from our families farm to your families table. We look forward to your serving you, Enjoy!


ANO continues research with the university testing the growth of the hemp plant outdoor grow in Florida soil. The cultivation findings have been published in top horticulture journals. Click here to view published data.


ANO moves into the future teaming up with top distributors and manufactures who can bring our products to the next level!